Our Projects

Over the years, Outside-Inside Creations, Inc.  has successfully provided theming and unique

environments for clients worldwide. Awesome exhibitry like our 60’ Statue of Liberty replica in a Malaysian Theme Park to our magnificent aquarium and rain forest in Guam to operating train cars in a Kauai Plantation attraction. Commercial centers, parks and attractions, city projects, resorts, hotels as well as private residences make up our client list.

These satisfied clients associate the words innovative, daring and creative as synonymous with OIC’s name. OIC’s exclusive projects have demanded highly customized designs and applications which have been challenging but have also paved the way for OIC to acquire practical experience in perfecting and expanding its diverse product line offered today.

Take note of our rock wall panels that can totally transform an old stucco or hollow tile block wall from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few hours. The labor cost savings is a tremendous added value. Whether you are enhancing your building, resort or home, OIC has something unique for your design elements. just imagine…

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