About Us

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Outside-Inside Creations, Inc. is an innovative company that specializes in the creation of environments and unique products for the home, business and commercial applications. We believe that your working and living environment which surrounds you in your daily life has a direct impact to your sense of well-being, happiness and creativity.


Founded over 20 years ago, by the late John Groark who was an artist, visionary and Masterwaterfeature entrepreneur, OIC continues to evoke the awe factor in its creations. We are continually evolving and creating to bring you products that add that extra magic to “your” creations.


Flow through our website to get a glimpse of the variety of products that we offer to enhance your environment.  Check out our collection of Spirit Glass and Glass Art under "Our Art" page!

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New Product Announcement

Our Niagara Mini Waterfall is the newest addition to our line of pre-fab waterfalls.

Measuring 24.75"W X 30"H X 22"D, this waterfall is perfect for placement in your garden or interior nook. Two built-in pockets can hold selected plants or 2” tiki torch poles. Available on order.